Primazest - 5 Litres

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Primazest - for kiwifruit and annual/softwood crops

Standard Kiwifruit Programme

Primazest is applied from the 2-leaf stage.

Primazest is specifically formulated to reduce stress from copper application and to support energy production during
early growth stages before leaves are fully developed.

Using Primazest encourages:
• Strong growth
• Reduced damage
• Recovery from stress caused by variable spring
conditions such as high winds and frost

Rate: 2 sprays of Primazest at 1L/ha.

Timing: 7 days apart starting at the 2 leaf stage (around 4cm) and until 2-3 weeks before flowering (before the 1st Agrizest spray is applied).

Follow with 4 sprays of Agrizest

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


For Newly Grafted Kiwifruit Orchardsand New Grafts in Established Orchards:

Use Primazest in newly grafted kiwifruit orchards and on new grafts within established orchards to encourage strong growth and to help bring new kiwifruit varieties into production.


From the 2 leaf stage onwards:

Rate: 5ml/L with a knapsack sprayer

Timing: every 3-7 days.


When growth has reached the stage where a sprayer with directed nozzles is necessary:

Rate: 5ml/L,

Timing: every 7-14 days.


With an almost full canopy (and when more than 200L of water is needed to cover 1 hectare):

Rate: 1L/ha with an air blast sprayer

Timing: every 14-21 days until full canopy is achieved.


For other softwood crops:

Primazest improves the yield,quality, colour, flavour and nutritional value in softwood and garden crops.

Primazest helps plants to naturally resist stress and damage while lifting productivity to substantially and sustainably increase returns.

Vegetable and Agricultural Crops: 
Rate: use 1 litre of Primazest in 50 to 500 litres of water per hectare.
Timing: at early growth stage apply 2 sprays, 3 to 5 days apart - 
Then a further 2 sprays, 2 weeks apart.

Greenhouse Crops: 
Rate: use 5mls of Primazest per litre of water.
Timing: at early growth stage apply 2 sprays, 5 days apart -
Then a further 2 sprays, 2 weeks apart.

Follow on sprays can be applied when pest, disease or environmental 
pressure is anticipated.  At harvest, apply weekly to maintain clean crops.

Please contact us for further instructions specific to your crop.

User Guidance:

• No wetting agent required

• Water rates: dependent on sprayer & canopy – ensure product application rate is 1litre per hectare with typical water rates of 500-1,000 per hectare

• Compatibility: Primazest & Agrizest are compatible with most commonly used orchard sprays.

• Compatibility with additional products must be tested prior to application.

• Do not mix with copper or hormones including Actiguard and CPPU.

• Please read the product labels thoroughly before use.

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